MINITRA 28.-30.7.2023



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What is MINITRA?

In 2016 we decided to enhance our MINI scene and give you the opportunity to see what Nitra and its surroundings have to offer. An ideal occasion to discover something new.

That’s how MINITRA was born. Rally based upon a made up plan, weird itinerary or almost useless map where you don’t chase the time but explore new places, meet new people and create new friendships. Our goal was, is and always will be to show you Nitra and its surroundings from a nontraditional point of view. And hopefully, it won’t be boring. Therefore the rally is full of tasks and surprises and it is not always obvious where it will lead you or what will come next. That’s why we call it de-orientation rally. Apart from that, MINITRA always takes on a different theme to entertain you in even more unexpected ways.

Since 2018 we have included accomodation. That’s why we were able to extend the meeting for a full weekend and at the same time add a night rally on Friday which brings you a chance to get lost in the dark while enjoying spectacular night views of Nitra.

From 2023 we are residing at Paulisz Ranch at Dolné Obdokovce.

Basic information for 2023

Max. number of cars

Rally length in km

Starting fee

Number of murders


The theme of this year is – detective and criminal cases. That means the tasks you will find on the track of the navigation (deorientation) rally will be based on novels by Agatha Christie, Poirot and other stories. So prepare yourself for murders, scary cases and brian puzzling tasks.

Crew with themed clothing and/or themed decorations (applies to MINI too), will get special points in the game!

Starting fee

Starting fee is 25€ per car paid in advance. 30€ paid on the place in cash. We’d like to point out that having at least one navigator may come as an advantage. 🙂
Starting fee includes navigation rally on Friday and Saturday, starting number plate, stickers, gifts and much more.
Payment possible in cash at the meeting or via bank transfer – more information available in the registration form.

Schedule & Accommodation

The meeting starts on Friday 28th July 2023 with Night Rally and welcome party. On Saturday 29th July 2023 will come what each one of you is impatiently waiting for – Deorientation Rally in Nitra. After the main rally you will enjoy the perks of the exquisite Slovak cuisine and wonderful company. We will get to know the results of the rally along with its winners and finish the demanding day off with a raffle and good beer.
Accommodation has limited capacity of aprox. 60 beds. Participants staying for the whole weekend will be given preference.

Accomodation has to be paid in advance.

What can you expect?

– overcoming your fears during night rally on Friday
– driving de-orientation rally on Saturday
– meeting new interesting people
– nice cars
– exploring new places
– having a lot of fun
– and who knows what else

MINITRA is for all MINI lovers. It doesn’t matter if you have Classic Mini or New MINI – if the right MINI heart is beating within your body, you are welcome.

We will meet soon…

Time is flying fast and the chance to show the world your brave heart is approaching. Fill in the registration form as soon as possible because the number of cars is limited.

So don’t hesitate for too long.









The meeting starts at Paulisz Ranch in the village Dolné Obdokovce (Slovakia)

Paulisz Ranch

Partners & Sponsors

Thank you to all who supported us.